What we do at Pearl Metrics

Pearl Metrics helps you understand your employees and customers to create value for your organisation.

We work with our clients to evaluate past investments and guide future decision making.


Below are a selection of the services that Pearl Metrics offers:-

Market Mix Modelling (MMM)


Pearl Metrics helps you understand why consumers engage with your brand.

What are the roles of price, promotions, marketing or competitors? How can your investments in the brand drive the business as successfully as possible? What is your optimal media mix and marketing budget?

With extensive experience of Retail, FMCG, E-Commerce, Finance and Charity sector modelling, Pearl Metrics will provide a tailor-made analytics solution for your organisation.




Pearl Metrics helps you visualise your brand KPIs; this might be from an HR or a customer perspective.

Data from all relevant databases can be extracted and presented in a user friendly dashboard.

Charts are tailored to each user's requirement, to save time creating output for standard business questions, meetings or reports.



Employee engagement

Pearl Metrics helps you understand how your employees engage with your brand.

We can design your engagement survey from scratch, or simply help you interpret and analyse your existing survey data.

We work out what engagement means for your company; if engagement falls by 5% how are sickness absence rates, productivity or retention rates affected? Which elements of engagement are most important to track and take action on?



Net Promoter Score (NPS) Modelling

Pearl Metrics helps you understand why consumers recommend your brand, and the value of that recommendation.

What drove consumers to give you the NPS score they did? What can you do to improve it? What role do your employees play? What is the impact of NPS falling by 1pt on customer retention, customer upgrade, employee retention? What does NPS falling by 1pt cost the business?



Service Profit Chain

Pearl Metrics helps you understand how employee behaviour drives customer action and ultimately brand success.

What is the value of employee engagement and which components are most important to monitor?

How does employee engagement link through to employee retention, internal productivity and ultimately customer satisfaction and profitability?

There are many reasons you would want to quantify the link between these factors. You may simply need to prove to the business why it's important to measure employee engagement, and putting a financial impact on these intermediate measures is invaluable. Or you may need to understand why engagement is low in certain departments, in order to meet your sales targets.


* The theory of the Service Profit Chain was first introduced in 1994 by James L. Heskett, Thomas Jones, Gary Loveman, W. Earl Sasser, and Leonard Schlesinger